Looking to Sell Your Property?

10 very good reasons why you should list your home for sale with us.

  1. SKNIH offers a unique and totally Personalized Service to our clients.
  2. A Team of Experts at your disposal, in marketing, building inspections, property development and excellent organization. Each member of our team brings a valuable set of skills and knowledge to evaluate the most effective way in which to sell your property and then get it sold !
  3. Professional Quality Photographs of your property. No more lopsided buildings nor dark rooms and flash lit backs of sofas! Our In House photographer will ensure that your property is shown in its best possible light in all publicity whether on the web, a magazine or local newspapers.
  4. Photographic slideshows . A portfolio of the best photographs of your property will be turned into a web-based slideshow which we will send out to all serious enquiries. This gives the potential buyer a more complete picture of your home and full screen size photographs showing off your property to its full advantage.
  5. Property evaluations you can count on. We will find the correct market price for your property ensuring as rapid a sale as possible.
  6. International Connections. SKNIH not only markets our property listings locally but also to the wider Caribbean island chain and the rest of the world. Through our website, magazine publicity and press releases, we reach out to potential buyers in North America, Canada, UK and Europe and even to the burgeoning new buyer markets in Asia. We market our property listings on our own international website and also other websites including, the St Kitts based SKN Vibes, www.CaribbeanHot Property.com and on the US Airways ‘Destinations Guide’ section of their website. We advertise in print magazines including the AmericanAirlines inflight magazine ‘Preview”, in the international real estate magazine, Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle and we reach out to the top end of luxury property buyers through the international magazine Yachting Matters. In addition to this we have numerous links with other websites and articles in newspapers and magazines telling of the wonderful lifestyle and real estate opportunities to be found in our Caribbean islands of St Kitts & Nevis.
  7. Collaboration with other agents. While we love to sell a property through one of our own agents, as we are notably, The Friendliest Real Estate Professionals in the Caribbean, we welcome colleagues from other real estate agencies who bring clients interested in your property. The object is to make people happy; to help buyers find the home of their dreams and for the seller to be able to realise the fruits of their investment.
  8. Home Staging Service ; the ‘Wow Factor’ in presenting a home for sale to a potential buyer. Are you an absent Owner or don’t have the time to set up your home so that it is seen to its best advantage ? SKNIH has a special service for our clients where we will ‘set the stage’ for selling your property. Call us for advice and fuller details.
  9. Availability. The team at SKNIH are always available to our clients through our emails and telephone numbers, We are there for you throughout the marketing and selling process
  10. Always up to Date. We are marketing professionals who understand the immediacy of the internet and the importance of keeping our website updated to bring you the freshest news and trends in Caribbean Real Estate. Our website will keep visitors coming back for more. More traffic = more chance of your property being viewed by a potential Buyer.

Don’t delay! Call us to discuss how our personalized services can benefit your goal of selling your property. Tel 1 869 466 1009.